Tourist Places

There is hardly any place of tourist attraction in the district. Prior to 1994 there were some places of historical importance in the district such as Kalibanga, Gogameri, Bhatner Fort, and Bhadrakali temple etc. But now these fall in district Hanumangarh. However, there are a few places of historical value and tourist importance in Sri Gangangar district:

Gurudwara Budhha Johad Sahib
Gurudwara Budhha Johad Sahib
The historical Gurudwara of Buddha Johad, the great religious shrine of the Sikhs,  is situated 75 Km. away to the south-west of  Sri Ganganagar. This is a place where Bhai Sukha Singh and Mehtab Singh brought the head of Massa Rangarh (guilty of sacrilege of the Amritsar Golden Temple) and hung it on a tree on August 11, 1740. This huge Gurudwara has 22 pillars at every floor. There are 140 rooms adjacent to the gurudwara for the lodging of tourists. Apart from many other buildings, there is a small library also which preserves the portraits of Sikh martyrs. Water to the holy pond (johad) of the gurudwara is supplied from the Gang Canal.
Bror Village
The ruins of the Indus Valley Civilisation are found here. It is located on Anoopgarh-Ramsinghpur road.
Dada Pamparam's Dera
This holy place is situated in the town of Sri Vijaynagar.  A huge 7-day long fair is organised every year in the month of Falgun at the tomb of  Dada Pammaram. The fair concludes on the Sankranti of Falgun.  Apart from Rajasthan, pilgrims from the neighbouring states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, MP, UP and Bihar congregate at this fair. Dada Pammaram was born nearly 400 years ago at village Kumbhana of Bikaner at the time of Guru Nanak Dev. Since in the beginning most of the pilgrims, it is said, hailed from Pakistan and they had to undertake a long journey to reach Kumbhana,  the tomb of the Baba at his own behest was initially constructed at Fortabad in Pakistan. But after partition the tomb was set up at Sri Vijaynagar, where thousands of pilgrims congregate every year.
Laila Majnu Tomb
The tomb (mazar) of Laila-Majnu at Binjaur village is situated near Anoopgarh city 11 km away from Anoopgarh on the western side. Many people associate this Mazar (mausoleum) with fictional and legendary lovers Laila and Majnu. According to the traditional belief Laila-Majnu were from Sindh and came to this place escaping from the clutches of Laila's parents and her brother who were against the love of Laila-Majnu. Laila and Majnu died here and were buried together at this place. Thus this place became a symbol of love and people come here to seek blessings from Laila and Majnu. A fair is held here in June who is attended by hundreds of newlyweds and lovers.
Suratgarh Super Critical Thermal Power Station
Suratgarh Super Critical Thermal Power Station

The Suratgarh Super Critical Thermal Power Station is an electricity production project that is maintained by the Rajasthan Rajya Vidhyut Utpadan Nigam Limited. It is Rajasthan’s foremost super thermal power station. This station has been successful in controlling pollution and maintaining balance of atmospheric emissions in the environment. Suratgarh super thermal power station is located 27 km from Suratgarh -15 km from Suratgarh to Biradhwal on NH 15, then 12 km in the east from NH 15.

The plant received a gold shield on August 8, 2004 from Hon'ble President for consistently outstanding performance during the years 2000 to 2004. It also received a bronze shield from Hon'ble Prime Minister for outstanding performance during the years 2005 and 2006.

Anoopgarh Fort
Anoopgarh Fort is a ruin in the city of Anoopgarh. It was built by Anoop Singh Rathore.
Anoopgarh Fort
Hindumalkot Border
The Hindumalkot Border, the Indo-Pak Border, derives its name from Hindumal, the Diwan of Bikaner.