Geographical & Physical Features

Sri Ganganagar district is a plain region of the vast Thar Desert land. It has sandy soil in the west dotted with 4-5 metre high sand dunes. The northern part of the district is mostly covered with forest. The average height of the district from the sea level is 168 to 227 metres. There remains much climatic variation in Sri Ganganagar district throughout the year. It is an arid region with very low rainfall. The winter season extends from November to March, the summer season from April to June, rainy season from July to mid-September, and post-monsoon season from mid-September to October. The average annual rainfall of the district is 20.70 cm. The maximum temperature in summer is 48.4°C and the minimum temperature in winter is 0.6°C. As a result there are scorching heat waves in summer and biting cold waves in winter in the whole district.